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Global Oil and Gas Business Management


This training will develop the participant's knowledge and understanding of the management of oil and gas industry, the key players in the global oil and gas industry, the principal licensing and contractual arrangements which are found in the global oil and gas industry, the principal standard form contracts used in the oil and gas industry; the economic value of oil & gas project through workshop.


The aim of this training is to introduce the participants to the nature and function of companies and other organisations involved in financial, commercial and contractual activities in the worldwide oil and gas industries. This training involves the practical application of much of the knowledge gained elsewhere on your training to a major industry.

By the end of the training you should:

  • Have a good understanding of the global significance of the oil and gas industry.
  • Understand the complex economic and risk management issues that the industry faces.
  • Understand the nature of the participants in the oil and gas industry, and the evolving nature of their relationships.
  • Be aware of some of the other issues which face and shape the industry, such as decommissioning and global warming.


On completion of this training, participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand the objectives and functions of the companies and organisations involved in the worldwide oil and gas industry, and the inter-relationships between the organisations.
  2. Analyse the broad principles and practical implementation of petroleum economics in various regions of the world.
  3. Explain and analyse the financial, commercial and contractual methods used across the industry, including the recent dramatic changes in this area.
  4. Critically appraise the historical and current significance of the global oil and gas industry.

Topic Contents & Training Schedule

Day 1

  • General Opening
  • Topic 1
    A technical introduction to the oil and gas industry
    • How is oil and gas formed
    • Where does hydrocarbon accumulate?
    • How do we find oil and gas
    • How do we produce it
    • The use of Oil & Gas
  • Topic 2
    A business introduction to the oil and gas industry
    • The world Oil & Gas Market
    • Who are participants and what are their contributions
    • The Commercial development of Oil and Gas Field
    • Financing the Oil and Gas Project
    • Industry Financial Performance
  • Topic 3
    Participants in the Global oil and gas industry
    • The list of participants and main players
    • Government, Investor, and Operator
    • International Oil Companies
    • National Oil Companies
    • Support Services Co, Construction, and Vendors
  • Topic 4
    Key relationships in the oil and gas industry
    • The Role of Oil and Gas for Government
    • Evolution of NOC
    • IOC/Corporate interest
    • Relationship of IOC and NOC all these years
    • Operator and Contractor, Support Services, Vendor relationship
  • Topic 5
    Access, Leasing and Exploration of Oil & Gas Project
    • The Oil & Gas Project life cycle
    • Access & Development of Oil & Gas Field
    • Lease Auction
    • Sample of some countries auctions
    • Exploration Considerations

Day 2

  • Topic 6
    Fiscal Regimes applied in Oil and Gas Industry
    • Development Agreements
    • Petroleum Fiscal Regimes
      • Concession
      • Royalty / tax systems
      • Contractual systems
    • Contractual features
    • Oil & Gas different concept of project development
  • Topic 7
    Developing Oil and Gas Project
    • Development Project opportunities
    • Project Financial Analysis
      • Financial Metrics
      • Risk analysis
    • Creating Oil & Gas Project Evaluation Sheet by considers Oil Production, CAPEX, OPEX,Oil Price,Taxation,etc
    • Evaluating the robustness of Project Profitability by sensitivity methods of several circumstances
    • Project Execution
  • Topic 8
    Oil and Gas Production
    • Cost of Oil & Gas in the upstream
    • Oil Economics : Break Even
    • Cost Management
    • Enhanced recovery cost
    • Managing Supply Network
  • Topic 9
    Risk management in Oil & Gas Project
    • Reservoir risk
    • Facilities risk
    • Political & Fiscal Risk
    • Other risks
    • Ad hoc methods of risk analysis

Day 3

  • Topic 10
    The Market of Crude Oil and Natural Gas
    • The market for Crude Oil
    • The market of Natural Gas
    • Sales & Marketing of petroleum producs
    • Other products: Petrochemicals
  • Topic 11
    Future trends of Oil & Gas Industry
    • The products
    • The markets
    • The players & their strategies
  • Question and Answer
  • Summary


  • Employees who working in Oil & Gas Industry, Energy sector
  • Officer, Engineer with different background of Oil & Gas or Petroleum or Energy
  • Decision Maker or Executives Management in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Other participants interested or related to Oil & Gas Industry

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