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Strategic Operations in Oil and Gas Industry


This training covers understanding of operations management, operations strategy in Oil & Gas Industry, analysing operations, integrating corporate objectives and operations strategy, design in operations, capacity strategies, operations improvement strategies, supply networks, global issues, technology in operations and sustainable strategies.


The aim of this training is to understand the terms of operations management; to explain about differentiate of Operations Strategy from Operations Management; to analyse operations at different level to provide better understanding the relationship of both operations management and operations strategy; to define the right input & output of transformation process in every operations model; to analyse a range of strategic options available to operations decision?makers; to appraise and select the most appropriate sustainable operational strategies; to critically analyse the performance of organisations from an Oil and Gas operations perspective.


By the end of the training participants are expected to:

  • understand the fundamental importance of operations management in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas sector.
  • understand the relationships between stakeholder needs, organisational objectives and operational strategies.
  • be able to appraise and select the most appropriate sustainable operational strategies.
  • analyse a range of strategic options available to operations decision?makers.
  • demonstrate critically analyse the operational performance of organisations.

Topic Contents

Day 1

  • General Opening
  • Topic 1
    Introduction to Operations Management & Operations Strategy
    • Operations Management Defined
    • Operations Management in context of Oil and Gas Industry
    • Operations Strategy Definition
    • How is operations strategy different from operations management?
    • The strategy hierarchy
  • Topic 2
    Operations Strategy in Oil and Gas Industry
    • Corporate Strategy in Oil and Gas Company
    • Functional Strategy (Operations Strategy) in Oil and Gas Company
    • Operations strategy reconciles market requirements with operations resources
  • Topic 3
    Oil and Gas Transformation Models
    • The Input-Transformation-Output model
      Construct Offshore Oil and Gas Facility
    • The Input-Transformation-Output model
      Drilling and Completing an Oil or Gas Well
    • The Input-Transformation-Output model
      Continuous Production of Oil and Gas
    • The Input-Transformation-Output model
      Decommissioning Offshore Oil and Gas Facility
    • Study Case: Upstream and Downstream transformation at One of Major LNG Production Company
  • Topic 4
    Interactive Workshop
    Exercise your own transformation model and Develop your desired transformation model using framework
  • Topic 5
    Analyse Performance Measurement in Operations Oil and Gas Industry
    • Operations Manager's objectives
    • Performance and Strategy Alignment
    • The five generic performance measurement criteria
    • Setting Performance Target and Measuring performance
    • Example of Oil and Gas Operations Performance Measurement

Day 2

  • Topic 6
    Supply Network Strategy in Oil & Gas Industry
    • The basic oil and gas 'supply chain'
    • Supply Networks - some industry drivers
    • Supply arrangements are a balance between contracting and relationship
    • Sourcing - the selection of suppliers
    • Reviewed supplier selection criteria
    • Measuring supply network performance
  • Topic 7
    Design & Technology in Operations Oil and Gas Industry
    • Design - within a strategic framework
    • Strategic operations decisions relating to design
    • The stages of product / service design
    • Process technology strategy
    • Technology improve Oil and Gas Efficiency
  • Topic 8
    Capacity Management in Oil & Gas Operations Strategy
    • Measuring capacity
    • Capacity strategy issues
    • Number of sites and capacity of sites
    • Cost, volume, profit illustration
    • Exercise one of Oil Company capacity strategy
  • Topic 9
    Asset Management in Oil & Gas Operations Strategy
    • Asset Management Overview
    • Asset Life Cycle
    • Asset Management and Operations teams relationship
    • Operations strategy- managing product, cost, integrity and safety
    • Managing Materials in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Day 3

  • Topic 10
    Maintenance & Reliability in Oil & Gas Operations Strategy
    • Overview Maintenance & Reliability
    • Designing for Maintenance in Oil and Gas Asset
    • How to select the' best' strategy of Maintenance to improve the reliability
    • World Class Maintenance Goal
    • Operational Excellent based on maintenance & reliability at one Major Oil Company
  • Topic 11
    Operations Improvement in Oil & Gas Industry
    • Operational Improvement common themes
    • Example of Operations Improvement Process
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Benchmarking
    • Total Quality Management (TQM)
    • Continuous improvement
  • Question and Answer
  • Summary


  • Operations staff who working in Oil & Gas Industry and Energy sector
  • Engineer for Oil & Gas Company and Energy sector
  • Decision Maker or Executives Management in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Other participants working in or related to Oil & Gas Industry

Training Duration:

3 Days

Course Leader :

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