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Business Development and Commercial Contracting Oil and Gas Industry


The oil and gas business is one of industry that is influenced by very rapidly changes environment due to many external and internal environment factors. To be success in this business, the industry need business developer that competent for building up a business through gaining new assets, growing existing assets and building relationships across the industry. Therefore, understanding the industry (its structure, evolving trends, opportunities, risks and key players) ; aware to new business opportunities; able to develop new contacts; plan and prepare business model and business plan ; establish and maintain working relationships; and understand the contract are key successful for the oil and gas company business development.

This training covers business development; business development tasks and activities; business development in start?up and established firms; overview of oil and gas industry structure; the characteristics of business?to?business markets; organizational buying behaviour; innovation opportunity and recognition; business market segmentation; services marketing; developing business relationships; contractual arrangements in the oil and gas industry; business development planning.


To provide an understanding and critical awareness of the principles and practice of business development in the context of the oil and gas industry, with view to producing a business development plan.


On completion of this module, participants are expected to be able to:

  • create and evaluate the fundamental business development tasks and activities.
  • appraise the structure of the oil and gas industry with view to identifying business development opportunity.
  • classify and critically evaluate a number of methods and strategies used to aid commercial business development in the oil and gas industry.
  • recognize and appraise the complexities of contractual arrangements for organisations operating in the oil and gas industry.

Topic Contents

  • General Opening
  • Topic 1
    Introduction to Business Development Concept
    • Business Development concept
    • Business Development scope
    • Business Development purpose
    • Business Development process
  • Topic 2
    Business Plan and Business Model
    • Tools of Business Development
    • Business Development Model
    • Business Development Plan
    • The innovation roles in Business Development
  • Topic 3
    Reviewing BDM at Major Oil Company & Creating Business Plan
  • Topic 4
    Market Orientation in Oil and Gas Company
    • Response to Oil and Gas Market or
    • Pro-active to Oil & Gas Market
    • The ways to develop market orientation
  • Topic 5
    Marketing Plan in Oil and Gas Company
    • Situation overview of Oil & Gas demand
    • Strategy fit between internal and external requirement
    • Target market of Oil & Gas product
    • Positioning in upstream & downstream
  • Topic 6
    Market Research in Oil and Gas Industry
    • Primary Data to Customers & Competitors
    • Secondary Data Customers & Competitors
    • Market research methods: Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Topic 7
    Exercise to conduct market research in Oil and Gas Company.
  • Topic 8
    Develop Organizational Design
    • Governance & Board teams
    • Location & Facility
    • Management team
    • Organizational team
    • Control & Implementation
  • Topic 9
    Develop Financial Plan
    • The main questions
    • Cash flow
    • Source of financing
  • Topic 10
    Exercise to create Business Model in Oil & Gas Company
    • Value Chain Business Model
  • Topic 11
    Contractual Arrangement in Business Development
    • Contract Type in Exploration and Production
    • Contract with Contractors/Suppliers/Vendors.
  • Question and Answer
  • Summary


- Employees with or without business development and commercial contracting background who working in Oil & Gas Industry and Energy sector.
- Business Development officer of Oil & Gas or Petroleum or Energy.
- Decision Maker or Executives Management in the Oil & Gas Business Development and Commercial Contracting.
- Other participants working in or related to Oil & Gas Industry.

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