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Information Technology Strategy


This Training introduces a business focused and quantitative approach and framework to IT Strategy. It helps you understand the "big picture" by identifying key business drivers and their imperatives and provides a practical approach and tools to create an IT Strategy that enables them. It provides you with a clear map of the landscape, highlights key features, teaches you the "lingo" and provides gauges to measure and monitor results.


As a business professional, from IT or not, your primary focus is on creating shareholder value. Information technology is a means to that end. The objective of this training is to provide an overview of information technology strategy, discuss how it enables business results, introduce a business focused approach to align IT with business.

What is IT Strategy?

  • Why is an IT Alignment essential for business results?
  • What are the steps to create an IT Alignment?
  • How do we migrate to this new capability?
  • How do we monitor and track IT investment results?
  • Are there tools and techniques available that can facilitate this journey?

Who attends

This training has been designed specifically for Executives (CXOs, VPs,Directors) who invest in, partner with or directly manage Information Technology.

However, if you are a business professional of any discipline who always wanted to get the "big picture" on "how to leverage IT" but were afraid to ask, this
training is for you.


Day 1

  • Introduction
  • The "big picture" :
    • Definition of IT Strategy
    • What is IT Alignment?
    • Causes of misalignment
    • Symptoms of misalignment
    • IT Strategy process
  • IT Strategy Overview: 7 steps to IT Alignment
    • Business Drivers and Imperatives
    • Technology implication
    • Creating the "as-is" view
    • Envisioning the "to-be" capability
    • Identifying the gaps
    • Prioritizing the alternatives
    • Devising a migration plan

Day 2

  • Business Drivers and Imperatives
    • Business driver
    • Understanding their imperatives
    • Assessing their impact
  • IT Visioning
    • IT Model: IT as a business
    • Converting business drivers into IT implications
    • Envisioning the "to-be" capability
  • IT Alignment Assessment
    • IT Capability alignment assessment
    • IT Investment alignment assessment
    • IT Organizational alignment assessment
    • IT Asset alignment assessment

Day 3

  • Gap Analysis
    • Identifying the gaps
    • Prioritizing the Alternatives
      • o Business value
      • o Cost
      • o Risk
  • Devising a migration plan
    • Discussion of migration approaches
    • Selection criteria and rationale
    • Planning for migration
  • Case Studies in Practical Applications
  • Summary, Frameworks and Next steps

Duration : 6 jam x 3 hari (18 jam)

Course Leader :

Information Technology Strategy

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