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Oil and Gas Contract Law

Senin - Rabu, 5 - 7 Nopember 2018, pukul 09:00 - 16:30 WIB
Bidakara Hotel / Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta
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The oil and gas industry is the most important industry in the world. It touches all aspect of human life and drives the development of people live and many countries all these years. To be successful in this business, it is required appropriate legal understanding in both regulatory and contractual that applicable in oil and gas industry. Oil and Gas training will provide skills and knowledge to work in this vital and challenging oil and gas industry.

This training covers an overview and general understanding of the roles and interplay of the Governments of territories containing hydrocarbon reserves, National Oil Companies, International Oil Companies, the Major Product Suppliers, the Engineering & Contracting Companies and the Service Companies, the key principles of public international law as these affect oil and gas contractual relationships, the principal licensing and contractual arrangements which are found in the international oil and gas industry including Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements/Licences, Joint Operating Agreements, the principal standard form contracts used in the industry and the international dispute resolution framework and institutions in the context of expert decisions, mediation arbitration and litigation. The contract administration and managing contract.


This training aims to develop the participant's knowledge and understanding of the key players in the international oil and gas industry; the principal licensing and contractual arrangements which are found in the international oil and gas industry; the principal standard form contracts used in the industry including standard form contracts and the Association standard form contracts; the key legal contractual risk management & issues and ;the international dispute resolution framework and institutions.


On completion of this training, participants are expected to be able to:

  • express an understanding of the commercial importance underlying oil and gas contractual arrangements.
  • assess the structure of the oil and gas industry's contractual environment.
  • understand, discuss, and rationalize some of the main contractual clauses found in the main contracts used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Appraise and analyse the effect of some clauses on the contractual parties.

Topic Contents

Day 1

  • General Opening
  • Topic 1
    Introduction to oil and gas industry Contract Law
    • Key phases of oil and gas industry
    • The terms & conditions
    • Several main issues in oil and gas Contract Law
  • Topic 2
    Agreement of Petroleum in the world
    • Access for Oil and Gas Development
    • Ownership of Oil and Gas Resources
    • Regulation of Oil and Gas activities
    • Oil and Gas legislative framework
    • Typical of Petroleum Agreement
  • Topic 3
    Some examples of Countries Oil and Gas Operations
    • Country with PSA Contract
    • Country with Concession
    • Country with Service Contract
  • Topic 4
    Joint Operating Agreement in Oil and Gas Exploration
    • Contractual relationship between companies
    • Joint Operating agreement aims & functions
    • Government approval for Joint Operating Agreement
    • Key areas of joint operating agreement
  • Topic 5
    Unitisation Agreement in Oil and Gas Industry
    • Unitisation
    • Crossborder unitization
    • Government Approval
    • Key issues in unitisation

Day 2

  • Topic 6
    Review of JOA between some countries
    • Example of Unitisation : North Sea, Australia Timur Leste, Nigeria Cameroon
  • Topic 7
    Supplementary Contract in Oil and Gas Industry
    • Type of Supplementary Contract
    • The acquisition of oil and gas assets contract
    • Decommissioning agreement
  • Topic 8
    Standardisation of Contract in Oil & Gas Industry
    • Purpose of standardization
    • Standardisation in Oil and Gas Contract
    • Global petroleum standard contract
  • Topic 9
    Contractual Risk Management
    • Mechanisms oil and gas industry to control and management of risk.
    • Clauses that cover insurance, defects liability and exclusion and limitation of liability in standard contracts.

Day 3

  • Topic 10 Exercise several cases of Oil & Gas accidents to review the importance of contractual clauses.
  • Topic 11 Administering & Managing the contract
    • Contract administration scope
    • The procedures related to contract administration
    • Managing the contract
  • Question and Answer
  • Summary

Training Duration: 3 Days

- Decision Maker or Executives Management in the Oil & Gas Industry
- Contract Engineer/Contract Officer in Oil & Gas or Petroleum or Energy Company
- Employees who working in Oil & Gas Industry & Energy sector that interest in Oil and Gas Contract.
- Other participants working in or related to Oil & Gas Industry.

Rp. 8.250.000 / participant
Facilities : Full AC Room with Proyektor/LCD, Lunch / day, 2x Coffee break / day, Certificate, Training Modules, Softcopy Module & Training Kit

Course Leader :

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