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MYSQL Database Administration

Rabu - Jumat, 19 - 21 Desember 2018, pukul 09:00 - 16:30 WIB
Hotel di Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
Bonus : Souvenir dan Flashdisk


MySQL Administration training course is for anyone who wants to administrate the MySQL database server. It is a comprehensive course covering all administrator duties.


The course explains how MySQL Database works, what tools are available, how we can use them, how we can secure the MySQL Database Server and configure it. During the training course you will learn how to manage user accounts and how the MySQL Access Privilege System works. You also will learn how to maintain your database, backup and recover your databases and perform crash recovery.

- Database Administrator
- Database Developer
- IT Manager
- IT Staff


Fundamental knowledge of any database and SQL language.


  • MySQL Server Files and Scripts
    • MySQL Programs
    • MySQL Server
    • MySQL Client
    • GUI Tools
  • MySQL Server Configuration
    • mysqld Options
    • The Server SQL Mode
    • Server System Variables
    • Dynamic System Variables
    • Server Status Variables
    • Shutdown Process
  • MySQL Security Issues
    • Securing MySQL Against Attacks
    • Security-Related mysqld Options
    • Security Issues with LOAD DATA LOCAL
  • MySQL Access Privilege System
    • MySQL Privilege System Overview
    • Privileges Provided by MySQL
    • Connecting to the MySQL Server - Stages
    • Access Control, Stage 1: Connection Verification
    • Access Control, Stage 2: Request Verification
    • Access Denied Errors
  • MySQL User Account Management
    • Users and Passwords
    • Creating New Users
    • Deleting User Accounts
    • Limiting User Resources
    • Changing Passwords
  • MySQL Database Maintenance
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Point-in-Time Recovery
    • Maintenance and Crash Recovery
    • Getting Table Information
    • MySQL Local Setting
    • National Characters and Sorting
    • MySQL Server Time Zone
  • MySQL Log Files
    • Error Log
    • General Query Log
    • Update Log
    • Binary Log
    • Slow Query Log
  • Running Multiple MySQL Servers on the Same Machine
    • Running Multiple Servers in Windows
    • Running Multiple Servers in Windows as Services
    • Using Client Tools in a Multi-Server Environment
  • MySQL Query Cache
    • The Concept of Query Cache
    • Testing Query Cache with SELECT
    • Configuring Query Cache
    • Checking Query Cache Status and Maintenance

Duration : 3 Days

per peserta : Rp 5.800.000,-
Facilities : Full AC Room with Proyektor/LCD, Lunch / day, 2x Coffee break / day, Certificate, Training Modules, Softcopy Module & Training Kit

Course Leader :

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