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Mini MBA for Procurement Profesional

Senin - Kamis, 10 - 13 Desember 2018, pukul 09:00 - 16:30 WIB
Hotel di Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
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In successful organization, employees are expected to have broad understanding about the organization business. Therefore prospective leaders are required to equip themselves with broad understanding of the firm's business at all functions. Procurement function is one of the strategic functions in the successful firm. It is because the procurement function not only just to spend the company fund to procure the materials and services but more than that it is expected to maximize the firm's value and enhance the profitability of company from many aspects.

It is therefore required for company and procurement professional to gain understanding how the business operates from Business Administration perspective.


This training will provide participants understanding of the contribution of good procurement to achieve effective and efficient operations; analyzing procurement risks and problems and making effective decisions; procurement process and policy design and improvement; financial management aspects of procurement; methods of achieving procurement performance targets Developing people and team performance.


It is expected that by the end of training, the participants will be able to gain the following

  • recognize the important role and responsibilities of a well-designed and managed procurement function
  • Enhance effective problem solving risk identification and analysis within the procurement environment
  • Improve powerful interpersonal techniques to improve communication, and stakeholder management
  • Understand development, coaching and feedback techniques to increase optimum procurement performance
  • Increase the organization's ability to achieve it's strategic and operational goals

Training Outline

Day 1

Principles of Strategic Thinking and Analysis

  • Introduction to MBA in general
  • Understanding the concept of strategy and strategic thinking
  • The difference between a successful strategy and a unrealized one
  • Understanding the concept of the "business model"
  • Vision, values, mission and goals case examples, class discussion and guidelines
  • Analysis and extrapolation of the business environment.

Day 2

The Strategic Planning Process

  • Understanding Internal and External Environment
  • Strategy formulation, measurement and alignment including a strategy map and the Balance Scorecard
  • The level of Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy & Business Strategy
  • Supply Chain, Procurement Function, and Purchasing Strategy

Day 3

The Role of Procurement in Operations and Business Strategy

  • The evolution of purchasing
  • The supply network perspective
  • Supply network design decisions
  • Network configuration (vertical / horizontal integration)
  • Supply-side influences / Demand-side influences
  • Location techniques and capacity management.

Day 4

Making Strategic, Procurement & Financial Decisions

  • The financial evaluation for procurement decisions
  • Forecasting future cash-flows to make strategic business decisions
  • Capital Investment Appraisal to stimulate strategic growth
  • Evaluating the source of finance
  • Calculating the cost of capital and Discount Rate for Project
  • Risk Analysis identifying and managing risk.

Training Duration: 4 Days


  • New & Experienced supply chain supervisors
  • Team Leaders & Line Managers in Purchasing, Procurement , Contract and related Commercial functions
  • Project & Process Managers that interconnection with Procurement activities
  • Supply Chain and procurement professionals
per peserta : Rp 7.500.000,-
Facilities : Full AC Room with Proyektor/LCD, Lunch / day, 2x Coffee break / day, Certificate, Training Modules, Softcopy Module & Training Kit

Course Leader :

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