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Project Management in Marketing

Selasa - Kamis, 14 - 16 April 2020, pukul 09:00 - 16:30 WIB
Hotel di Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
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A Three Day Intensive Workshop


Today, because of the global competition, the product life cycle keeps getting shorter as the customer's needs keep changing. The most important key of any product or service release is marketing, and if there's no good marketing management in place, it would be difficult for companies to face the market changes and immediately release products and services to meet market demands.

To achieve a good marketing management, companies must have a very complete marketing management system. It should be taken as a project.

The entire process of marketing management is a typical project, because it has both of project's characteristics, uniqueness and temporary. The marketing management process requires budget management, time management, quality assurance and control, human resource management, and risk management.

Therefore, applying project management's knowledge and techniques to manage the marketing of products and services usually results in great effects.

This training program is specially designed for facilitating participants i.e. Marketing People/Professionals who want to plan to target their marketing activities, meet time estimates,manage control points, control risks, and achieve greater marketing success. This training incorporates *PMBOKĀ© Guide 5TH Edition 2013 (THE NEW PMBOK) aligned. Utilising PMBOK, a global set of benchmarks, this training will give participants an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management tools that can be used every day.


  • To gain the knowledge-based and skills-set of the concept and best practices of Project Management (PM) based on PMBOK 2013 (the 5th edition) Project Management Body of Knowledge from PMI -USA)
  • To get knowledge and skills thoroughly on :the Marketing Campaign Project Charter, the Marketing Campaign Project Plan, Executing the Marketing Campaign Marketing Baseline Plan, How to Monitor and Control the Marketing Campaign, and Close Marketing Project and Close Procurements. This is the application of the PMI Knowledge areas to Marketing
  • To gain the skills set of using PM Software Microsoft Project 2007/2010/2013 in planning, controlling, assessing risk, tracking progress, analysis & evaluation in Case Study - Marketing Campaign Project.
  • Note: Because the training is activity-based and highly interactive, the Marketing Campaign Project Management Plan developed by participants will be specifically tailored to the requirements of your industry and your organization.

Pelatihan ini secara khusus ditujukan untuk:

  • GM of Sales & Marketing
  • Sales/Marketing Leaders/Managers
  • Sales/Marketing Staff
  • Functional Manager
  • Training ini juga dapat dihadiri oleh new entry di bidang Sales dan Marketing yang ingin menambah wawasan dan skill di bidang Sales dan Marketing.
  • All participants will get MARKETING PM TOOLKIT consisting of Learning Material, References, Process and Templates, Samples of Case Study for Projects
  • Experienced and Internationally Certified Trainer will guide participants in Case Study Session using Hands-on Approach
  • Getting the skills of using Microsoft Project 2007/2010 under guidance of experienced and skillfull trainer


  • Project Management Overview:
    What is project? project management vs operational management; project organization, project management processes and life cycle, project management areas; project manager role and responsibility
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 5th Edition 2013:
    The PMBOK, The Evolution of PMBOK, The 10 PM Knowledge areas, Mapping of PM Knowledge Areas and Process Group, Input-Tools/Techniques-Output (ITTO)
  • Initiating:
    Develop Marketing Campaign Project Charter and Identify Stakeholders.
  • Planning (Part-I):
    Develop Marketing Campaign Project Plan, Collect Requirements, Define Marketing Campaign Scope Or Objectives, Create Wbs, Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop Campaign Schedule,
  • How to use Microsoft Project 2007/2010 (Part I):
    Getting Started, Scheduling a Project, File Tasks and Views
  • Exercises and Case Study (PART I): Creating WBS for Marketing Campaign Project
  • Planning (Part-II):
    Estimate Campaign Costs, Determine Campaign Budget, Plan Campaign Quality, Develop Hr Plan, Plan Communications, Plan Risk Management, Identify Campaign Risks, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses, Plan Procurements (vendors, outside sources).
  • Executing:
    Direct & Manage Marketing Campaign Execution, Perform Quality Assurance, Acquire Marketing Campaign, Develop Marketing Campaign Team, Manage Marketing Campaign Team, Distribute Information, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, And Conduct Procurements.
  • How to use Microsoft Project 2007/2010 (Part I):
    Scheduling a Project, Printing and Viewing a Project, File Tasks and Views, Defining and Assigning Resources, Allocating Budget
  • Exercises and Case Study (PART II):
    Developing Marketing Campaign Project Schedule and Allocate Project Budget
  • Monitoring & Controlling:
    Monitor & Control Marketing Campaign, Perform Integrated Change Control, Verify Campaign Scope, Control Campaign Scope, Control Campaign Schedule, Control Campaign Costs, Perform Quality Control, Report Campaign Performance, Monitor And Control Marketing Campaign Risks, And Administer Procurements.
  • Closing:
    Close Marketing Project Or Phase and Close Procurements.
  • How to use Microsoft Project 2007/2010 (Part II):
    Using Resources, Working with Tasks, Creating Report, Tracking a Project
  • Exercises and Case Study (PART III):
    Creating Marketing Campaign Project Baseline, Creating Marketing Campaign Project Plan, and Tracking Marketing Campaign Project
  • Presentation of Case Study per Group
  • Closing

The Case Study of Marketing Campaign Project will be accomplished in a group of 3 or 5 people.
It is recommended that all participants should bring their Note Book/LapTop into class-room for CASE STUDY SESSIONS

Biaya :
Rp 6.500.000,-/peserta

Rp 6.350.000,-/peserta (Group 2 orang)
Rp 6.200.000,-/peserta (Group min. 3 orang)

Facilities : Full AC Room with Proyektor/LCD, Lunch / day, 2x Coffee break / day, Certificate, Training Modules, Softcopy Module & Training Kit

Course Leader :

Project Management in Marketing

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