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Foto Muhamad Al Gamal, SE, MA, Ak
Muhamad Al Gamal, SE, MA, Ak

Trainer lulusan Master of Science in Administration di Universitas Indonesia ini memiliki segudang pengalaman professional, diantaranya:  Founder and Executive Director at Center for e-Accountability System (CeAS), Associate Consultant (project based) in Information System & Technology, Taxation, Auditing and Accounting, Data Analyst for evaluation Youth Economic Empowerment Inisiative (YEEI) Program at Indonesia Business Link Foundatioun, Jakarta, Project Manager and System Analyst, Associate Consultant in Management Information System, Financial Reporting, Accounting System and Software Development dan pengalaman-pengalaman lainnya.

Bidang keahlian yang beliau kuasai adalah: Business Accounting and Budgeting, Government Accounting and Budgeting, Financial Statement Analysis, Management Audit, Cost & Management Accounting, Taxation, Business Process Design and Management, Designing Management/Accounting Information System (manual and computerized), Standard Operating Procedure Development, Financial Audit, Information System Audit, Computer Programming, Database Management, Public Policy Analysis.

Selain itu, beliau pernah terlibat aktif dalam mendevelop beberapa software, diantaranya: Auditing Information System Software, Web GIS software for Indonesia e-Business, General Ledger Accounting Software, MIS Software for trading, hotel, manufacturing, micro finance, government budgeting and accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Information System at PT. Kimia Farma Trading and Distribution (Subsidiary of PT. Kimia Farma Tbk), Balance Score Card Software for Ministry of Industry, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Software for Taxation.


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