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Experienced management consultant in the field of operational production management and the implications of the Japanese "Kaizen" concepts and Industrial Engineering (IE), as well as building actual skills training programs. After 14 years of work experience at Yamaha Motor, co., Ltd. Headquarters, becomes independent as CEO and consultant of Consulting Bell Office, Ltd., commits to giving lectures and consultation to numerous multi-industry companies worldwide. Japan Management Association Management Center (JMAM) fulltime lecturer. Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan 1954.

Education And Professional Background

- Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
- B. A. in Administration Engineering, 1978
- Certifier CPM (Certified Production Manager)
- CPF (Certified Production Foreman)
- JMA (Japan Management Association) Japan

Employment History

Consulting Bell Office, Ltd. President, | CEO 1994-present
Provides management consultations toward companies in industries such as the automotive, motorcycle, electronics, electronic devices, food, chemical, pulp, machine, and transportation industries. Conducts consultation and seminar lectures abroad including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and France.

Consulting themes include the following:

  • Site improvement "Gemba Kaizen", plant improvement, business improvement.
  • Production innovation activities (LEAN, TPS, TOC) Productivity enhancement programs (Cost reduction activities) Building of a new production system.
  • Responsible for hierarchical productivity improvement training.

The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (SMRJ) Small and Medium Enterprises University (SME University), Lecturer
Responsible for lectures in areas such as "factory management", "production management", "production system", and "site improvement".

Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), Lecturer
Responsible for lectures in topics such as "Japanese production management", "GEMBA KAIZEN".

The Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering (JIIE), Lecturer
Lecturer covering themes such as "IE skills training course", "Site improvement teaching methods" starting from the 5S.

Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. 1978 - 1994
Headquarter - Production Engineering Department, Engineering Development Department

  • Trainer of operational "K.AIZEN", IE "Kaizen", and plant "Kaizen".
  • Responsible for executing productivity enhancement activities (cost reduction activities).
  • Production system design and improvement, Production information system development.
  • Lecturer of Supervisors Training, Managers Training, Engineers Training workshops and seminars.
  • Making of systematic education program for Skills development training.
  • Instructing "Kaizen" to overseas plants (France, Thailand), group companies, and the associate companies.

Training & Consulting Topics Speciality

  • Lean Management System series (included manufacturing and operation in product and services)
    • Lean Awareness.
    • Practical Activities for minimizing 7 Waste.
    • Practical and Installment Implementation of 5R/5S (in all area; office, hospital, public, factory, bank, etc)
    • Autonomous Defect Control
    • Just In Time (JIT) - Pull vs Push Flow System
    • Visual Stream Map
    • Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
    • Lean Thinking.
    • Lean Warehousing.
    • Stability and Sustainability in doing LEAN.
    • Building a LEAN Culture
    • Assess your LEAN Activities.
  • Warehouse Management
  • Industrial Engineering Technique
  • Japanese Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning Production & Inventory Control
  • Waste Management
  • Total Quality Management
    • Quality Awareness
    • Practical QC Tools (7 QC Tools & New 7 Tools)
    • Quality Control Circle for Manager
    • Quality Control Circle for Facilitator, and Team.
    • QCC Covention.
    • Effective QC in Workplace.
    • Quality Function Deployment.
    • Statistical Quality Control.
  • Practical Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Continuous Improvement Program (Genba Kaizen Series)
    • Understanding Genba Kaizen.
    • Genba Kaizen at the workplace.
    • Advancing your Kaizen Activities.
  • HORENSHO - Japanese Communication Skill.
  • And many others.


Author of several books and textbooks including:

  • "Yasashii IE no Susume (The Easy Guide to IE)", Japan Management Association (JMA).
  • "Konna yarikata mo aru Genba Kaizen no Susumekata (Introductory guide in applying Genba Katzen)", JMA (Co-author).
  • "THE IMPROVEMENT BOOK', Productivity Press.
  • "Production Efficiency Expert Course Level 2, 3" JMA Distance Leaming program textbook (Co-author).


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