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Education And Professional Background

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - University of Indonesia, Indonesia.
  • Certified TQM - AOTS, Japan.
  • Certified Train The Trainer - AOTS, Japan.
  • Certified TPM - AOTS, Japan.
  • Certified Productivity Management - Singapore Productivity Association, Singapore.
  • Certified New Product Development - Matsushita Training Center, Japan.
  • Certified Project Management - MDI - Tack, Jakarta.
  • Certified Purchasing Management - Asia Matsushita Singapore, Singapore
  • Certified Auditor ISO 14001 - SGS Service.
  • Certified Auditor ISO 18001 - SGS .
  • Certified HIRA - OHSAS - KAN.
  • Certified Fire Risk Analysis - KAN.
  • Certified Internal Auditor ISO 9000 - Matsushita Gobel Institute, Indonesia.
  • Certified Cost Reduction - CoTa - Asia Matsushita Singapore, Singapore.
  • Certified Mastering Rockefeller Habits - Rockefeller Institute - Malaysia.
  • Certifier 5S award certification - BELL Office Consulting, Japan.
  • Certifier CPM (Certified Production Manager), COM (Certified Operation Manager) & CPF (Certified Production Foreman) - JMA - Japan Management Association, Japan.

Training & Consultant Experience

Chevron Pacific Indonesia, CNOOC SES, Ltd., Pertamina - EP, PHE WMO, Pertamina Geothermal Energy, VICO, Kangean Energy, Total Fina Elf, PT. Fluidcon Indonesia, Caterpillar, COSL (China Oilfield Services Ltd), Toto Washlet Malaysia, Fujitsu Component (M) Sdn Bhd, Honda Autoparts Mfg (M) Sdn Bhd, Hitachi Cable Sdn Bhd, PT. Chuhatsu Indonesia, Teijin Fiber Company (TIFICO), Honda Prospect Motor, Itochu Group, Yamaha group (Motor and Music), PT. Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia, JAC, Selnajaya Prima, Astra Honda Motor, PT. Kubota Indonesia, Bakrie Telcom (Esia), PT. Sunstar Indonesia, Tempo Group, Matsushita Group, PT. Aneka Tuna Indonesia, PT. Aneka Bumi Pratama, Toso Industry Indonesia, Sumitomo Group, Bando Indonesia, Fumakila Indonesia, PT. Bukaka Teknik, PT. Techno Wood Indonesia, Voksel Indonesia, Toyota Tsusho M & E Services, PT. Easterntex Indonesia, Karoseri Laksana, Indonesia Seiko Epson Industry, PT. GS Battery, PT. Wasco Indonesia, PT. Musashi Auto Parts Indonesia, PT. SMT Indonesia, PT. Asahi Denso Indonesia, PT. Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia, PT. JX Nippon Oil & Lubricant Energy Industry, PT. YKK Indonesia, Yanmar Diesel, PT. Gudang Garam, Tbk, PT. Nojorono Tobacco Indonesia, PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia, PTSI (Pec Tech Service Indonesia), Bank Nasional Indonesia 46, Alfa mart, Dharma Group, MCCI, PT. Keihin Indonesia, PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, PT. Rekadaya Elektrika, PT. Sri Trang Lingga, Bank Mandiri, PT. Mugai Indonesia, PT. ECCO Indonesia, PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, Margonda City (Jarum Group), PT. Indogravure, PT. Astra Oto Parts, Bank of Tokyo, PT. Mitratel, Boehringer Ingelheim, Duta Palma, PT. Indonesia Dwi Sembilan, PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Bumen Redja, Bumitama Gunajaya Agro, APRIL, PT. PecTech Service Indonesia, PT. Astari Niagara, PT. Chang Jui Fang Indonesia, PT. Dupont Indonesia, PT. Duta Aneka Powerindo, Frisian Flag Indonesia, G4S, PT. Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia, PT. Hino Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, PT. Gunacipta (Sambal Dua Belibis), PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper, PT. Jembo Cable, PT. Kao Indonesia, PT. Kideco Jaya Agung, PT. Ligo Group Companies, PT. Marga Mandalasakti, Bank of Tokyo, MAS Bank, New Ratna, PT. Pratesis Indonesia, PT. Sampoerna Printpack, PT. Tedco Indonesia, PT. Tempo Data System, PT. Tainan Indonesia, PT. Indomobil Suzuki, PT. Panen Lestari Internusa (SOGO), PT. Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAP), PT. Intiperdana Bumitirta, PT. Penta Ocean, TNC (The Nature Conservacy), Bakrie Telecom, Zebra Asaba Industries, PT. Kutai Timber Indonesia, BP Batam, PT. Radiant Indonesia, Suntory Garuda Food Beverages, Nihon Piston Rings, Sharp Electronics Indonesia, Aoyama Indonesia, Kanefusa Indonesia, YKK Indonesia, Hamatetsu Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Margo city plaza, PT. Voksel Indonesia, and others.

Training & Consulting Speciality

  • Operations management.
  • Retail Operation Manajemen.
  • Retail manajemen.
  • Implementation 5S Activities for Offshore CBU.
  • Lego Serious Play "Socialization of your Lean Value".
  • Lego Serious Play "Enhance Your Organization".
  • Lego Serious Play "Socialization of Your Values & Business Plan.
  • Advance Maintenance Management.
  • Basic Purchasing & Procurement.
  • Safety Instrument System and Control.
  • Implementation 5S Activities for Office.
  • Inventory Reduction.
  • Kaizen Circle Activities for 26 automotive companies.
  • Contnuous Improvement "QCC Activities".
  • Report & Writing Skills.
  • Waste Handling for Housekeeping.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Business Process Reengineering; training & Consultancy Project.
  • Logistic Operations.
  • Fire Risk Analysis consultancy services.
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management.
  • ISO 14000 versi 2004: Introduction, and awareness training.
  • Accommodation Training.
  • Basic Purchasing Management.
  • Implementation 5S Activities for Offshore NBU.
  • ISO 9000 versi 2008: Introduction, Consultancy, and Certification Project.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Building Maintenace.
  • Facilities Maintenance.
  • Job Safety Analysis.
  • Behavior Base Safety.
  • Effective Building Maintenance.
  • Work Measurement and Kaizen Blits.
  • Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Quality Control Circle for Facilitator.
  • Quality Control Circle for Team.
  • ISO 14000 versi 2004: Introduction, and Consultancy project.
  • ISO 18000: Introduction, and Consultancy project.
  • Green Office.
  • Modern HSE Management System.
  • Hazard Identification Risk Assessment.
  • Project Management Series:
    • Successfully Project Management Skill
    • Effective Project Management Process
    • Effective Leadership in Project.
  • LEAN Management System series (included manufacturing and operation in product and services)
    • Lean Awareness.
    • Practical Activities for minimizing 7 Waste.
    • Practical and Installment Implementation of 5R/5S (in all area; office, hospital, public, factory, bank, etc)
    • Autonomous Defect Control
    • Just In Time (JIT) - Pull vs Push Flow System
    • Visual Stream Map
    • Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)
    • Lean Thinking.
    • Lean Warehousing.
    • Stability and Sustainability in doing LEAN.
    • Building a LEAN Culture
    • Assess your LEAN Activities.
  • Logistic Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Storekeeping Management.
  • Effective Planning Production & Inventory Control.
  • Waste Management.
  • NDT and Other Testing Method.
  • Practical Purchasing Basic.
  • Total Quality Management
    • Quality Awareness
    • Practical QC Tools (7 QC Tools & New 7 Tools)
    • Quality Control Circle for Manager
    • Quality Control Circle for Facilitator, and Team.
    • QCC Covention.
    • Effective QC in Workplace.
    • Quality Function Deployment
    • Statistical Quality Control
  • Practical Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Continuous Improvement Program (Genba Kaizen Series)
    • Understanding Genba Kaizen.
    • Genba Kaizen at the workplace.
    • Advancing your Kaizen Activities.
  • Leadership series:
    • Field Leader at the workplace.
    • Supervisor skill
    • Advance your leadership skill.
  • HORENSHO - Japanese Communication Skill.
  • Basic Six Sigma.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Integrated Maintenance And Spare Parts Management.
  • Achievement Motivation Training (AMT)
  • Mentality Building Management.
  • Training Within Industries Job Instruction (TWI - JI).
  • Outbound and Team Building.
  • Building a Work Culture
  • HRD Competency Analysis


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